Rowan Coleman : 8 x 90 mins Online Writing Workshops STARTS 1st FEB 2024

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Take Your Writing to the Next Level with Sunday Times bestselling author Rowan Coleman Whether you an absolute beginner or getting your writing ready for publication this 8 week course will give you the skills you need to hone your craft and reach your full potential over a series of 8 x 90 minute workshops in a group of 15 writers, during which you will workshop ideas and techniques and have the opportunity to share your work with your peers and revive feedback. Also includes 1 x 30 min one2one session with Rowan 1. Pitch Perfect hone and streamline your existing idea or begin to originate a new one, learning how to develop a stand out idea that will attract publishers, agents and readers. 2. Plot Twist - part one Learn the skills you need to plot effectively, building an idea into a novel with exactly the right action, pace, theme and emotion to act as a roadmap to both writing and editing your novel. 3. Character Building Learn how to create compelling characters that live on the page by using plot, motivation and conflict to build the cast of your novel. 4. Dazzling Dialogue Discover how to use dialogue to show character, plot, conflict, pace and with ease, creating distinct voices that leap off the page. 5. Theme and how to use it. Find out how to use the big idea of theme to both elevate and enrich your work by giving it a meaning that is more than the sun if it’s parts. 6. Plot Twist - part two Explore how all the craft techniques explored previously all contribute toward the building blocks of you work and how they power the engine of story, by working in perfect unison. 7. Your Road map to the end. Starting a novel is hard. Finishing one is harder. You’ll learn about habits, techniques and practices that will turn you writing dream into a reality. 8. Preparing fur submission How to prepare for seeking an agent or publisher, or hue to get ready for self publication. Learn to write the perfect pitch letter and how to show case your work in the strongest way.